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Every year thousands of people are seriously injured and killed in semi truck or 18 wheeler accidents. Many times the truck drivers have driven over hours and without sufficient sleep. In accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), truck drivers are allowed to drive only 11 hours before they are required to sleep or take a rest period before operating their semi trucks on the road. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are the rules that must be followed by over the road truck drivers. Other semi truck accidents involve issues where the trucks being driven by the truck drivers are in poor or defective condition. Truck drivers are supposed to conduct pre-trip inspections of their vehicles prior to transporting goods. Many times these inspections are overlooked or just neglected all together allowing dangerous vehicles to travel our highways. Many times these are the exact tractor trailers that injure or kill innocent people because they never should have been on the road in the first place had proper inspections been done on them.

When handling a semi truck or tractor trailer accident, you need a lawyer that is experienced in handling these cases. There is evidence that must be secured within hours of the accident, or it can be forever lost. Many trucking companies have investigators and representatives on the scene within minutes of the accident collecting evidence and removing the tractor trailer from the scene. So it is important that you have a lawyer that has investigators that can be on the scene within hours of the accident. The Lawler Firm has investigators and accident reconstructionists that can be at the accident scene within hours of the accident. It is important that someone involved in a trucking accident has a lawyer who has a good understanding of the FMCSR, has the tools in place to collect and secure the evidence shortly after the accident, and is experienced in litigating trucking accident cases. The Lawler Firm has handled numerous cases against trucking companies throughout the United States and has a team of experts that can fully evaluate your trucking accident case. If you or a family member has been injured in a trucking accident, please contact The Lawler Firm, LLC at (816) 912-4700 for a free consultation.

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