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The Lawler Firm represents individuals and companies in insurance bad faith and insurance misrepresentation cases.  When a person or company purchases insurance, they expect that the insurance company will take care of them if there is an accident, injury or potential claim.  People and companies pay their hard-earned money for insurance policy(s) covering their homes, cars, businesses, and other property.  Insurance company(s) that fail to timely pay claims, misrepresent coverage, wrongfully deny coverage under an insurance policy, improperly delay payment under an insurance policy, or act in bad faith in denying or delaying payment of a claim, could be liable for bad faith or for misrepresentation. Insurance companies have a duty to their insured: to keep the insured properly advised of a claim against them, to advise the insured of offers to settle, to act in good faith in the claims handling process, to act in good faith and reasonably when determining whether there coverage exists under the policy, to timely promptly pays covered claims against its insured.  When an insurance company breaches these duties, it may be liable for acting in bad faith.

The Lawler Firm has experience in holding insurance companies liable for these bad faith claims handling practices and misrepresenting insurance coverage to its insureds and others affected by its wrongful decisions.  You need an experienced attorney on your side that has handled these types of claims and who has knowledge of how the insurance companies and their claims departments work.

Christopher Lawler was one of three attorneys who represented a paraplegic client who was injured when an insurance company had wrongfully denied a claim where a tree had fallen on his sister’s house.  He was injured and rendered a paraplegic after trying to remove the tree from his sister’s home after American Family had denied coverage under his sister’s homeowner policy.  The case was pursued under a novel theory of negligent misrepresentation by the insurance company where the client was not actually the insured, but within a small group of people who would have relied upon the misrepresentation by the insurance company.   At trial, it was determined that American Family had misrepresented that there was no coverage under the policy for the fallen tree, and the jury awarded the client $12,600,000. The verdict was upheld on appeal, and American Family paid over $14,000,000 including interest.

If you believe that an insurance company has: improperly denied your claim, failed to settle your claim for a reasonable amount, failed to timely pay a claim you have made, wrongfully denied coverage under your insurance policy, failed to pay or delayed paying a claim against you, or acted improperly or in bad faith in handling a claim against you or your company, you should contact The Lawler Firm for a free consultation.

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