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The Lawler Firm, LLC has a wealth of experience litigating civil rights cases and seeking justice for those who have had their civil rights violated by the police.  Civil rights cases can be very difficult to litigate because there are several pitfalls to sidestep when prosecuting civil rights cases against police officers, police departments, and the municipalities running these police departments,  Many times the police officers and the municipal entity are entitled to certain immunities such as sovereign immunity and official immunity.  You need an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle the complex issues that arise in police misconduct cases.

Chris Lawler has helped his clients who had their rights violated by the police obtain justice and he has obtained excellent results for his clients in these very difficult cases. He has handled several police misconduct cases against various police departments throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas and has litigated cases involving excessive force, wrongful death, illegal search and seizures, illegal strip searches, conspiracy, due process violations, and wrongful imprisonment.  In 2008, Chris was part of the trial team in the well publicized Ted White case in Kansas City, Missouri where his client received a $16,000,000.00 verdict after being wrongfully imprisoned for five years.  If you or a family member have had your civil rights violated by the police, please contact The Lawler Firm, LLC at (816) 912-4700 for a free consultation.


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